Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday's Tip!!

Welcome to Thursday's Tip!!
Today I am sharing how I store my many punches...and yes, I realize I have an addiction!  Believe it or not, I have given away quite a few of the "old style" punches (mostly the ones that weren't "thumb" punches) and STILL have this many!!  
I had seen the punch storage on Bygel Rods from IKEA online on quite a few blogs and LOVED it...what a great way to use what would have, otherwise, been unused wall areas!   So I (or I guess I should say), WE (my wonderful husband and son), cut a piece of pegboard and mounted about 6 Bygel rods on it and hung it on the back of my door.  I quickly outgrew those 6 rods, so my SU Upline (who lives very close to an IKEA) purchased MORE Bygel rods for me.  This time, we mounted the peg board (bigger to hold more rods!) to the wall behind my door (I figured I was really testing the strength of the door with all these punches).  We also cut down the peg board that I had before and mounted that on another wall below a window (this board is mainly for non-SU punches).  It's nice to be able to see my punches at a glance and to not have to sort through a box or basket!!  I try to sort my punches on the rods by "like" punches...all my circles are together, all my "label" punches, etc.  Small punches and the SU border and corner punches fit into the hanging baskets.  I also place a red dot on SU punches that have retired (to help me remember).  I still use them for personal stuff, but try to stay away from them for classes.

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THANKS and as always...

Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'!
Sarah Williams
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