Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Technique Tuesday!!!

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!!  

Today I am featuring the Blended Pencils Technique that I demonstrated at my Technique University class awhile ago.  This technique uses our watercolor pencils and I think the last step (adding detail with a fine black marker) really makes the image stand out!

Technique instructions:  · Using a light colored neutral ink, stamp a large silhouette flower image on the front of a white or kraft card base.  · Using the dominant color in your image, color around the edges of the petals, leaving the centers blank.  This coloring can be very rough and sketchy - the texture will become smooth as you add more layers of color.  · Color towards the center of the petals with your next lightest color. · Come back with the first color and blend the colors together. You will start to see the color become smooth and blended, but there will still be porous portions. Leave a little bit of exposed cardstock at the center of the flowers.  · Using the lightest color pencil, color over the entire petal to blend all the colors together. The texture of the color will now be smooth and waxy.  · Come back one last time with the darkest color pencil and intensify the darkest portions of the petal. · Color the top of the flower with two of the lighter pencils.  · Color the other flowers in the image with a charcoal grey pencil - this coloring can be very light and sketchy - you do not need to blend this - just use basic coloring and shading.  · On the main flower image, come back and blend the grey on the stem and leaves with the lighter colored pencil.  · Using a very fine black pen, add detail to the flowers.

THANKS and as always...

Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'!
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