Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Tip!!!

Welcome to Thursday's Tip!!
Today I am sharing how I store my SU DSP (Designers Series Paper) and other Patterned Paper.  
Because I am a Stampin'Up! demonstrator, I DO keep my SU! DSP SEPARATE from my non-SU!  This just makes it easier when I am doing a class or workshop...I can just go to my SU paper holders and pull what I need. 
I keep my SU DSP in Cropper Hopper Paper Pouches (some are in the Paper Holders (it holds 4 Paper Pouches) and some aren't).  Each Paper Pouch has a business card holder attached to it and I have the DSP name and coordinating colors listed on.  I also wrote on the card info if the DSP is in a Mini catalog.  This allows me to pull a DSP and know exactly which color cardstock coordinates with it without having to guess or look it up in a catalog!  Very convenient!!  Once a DSP retires, I just move the Paper Pouch to my "retired" cube and if I don't have alot left, I'll move the rest of the DSP and info card to a Paper File (thinner version of the Paper Pouch).
SU DSP Storage

DSP Storage

DSP info card

DSP storage

DSP info card (Holiday Mini item)

I keep my non-SU Patterned Paper in a couple of different ways...most is sorted by color (again, that is the way I "think" when I scrap), but I do have some sorted by THEMES.  I have a Paper Holder for each color and inside each color I have a Paper Pouch for scraps.  The Paper Pouch also separates my cardstock (on the right) from my Patterned Paper (on the left).  

NON - SU Patterned Paper and Cardstock Storage

NON - SU Patterned Paper and Cardstock Storage

NON - SU Patterned Paper and Cardstock Storage

Patterned Paper on the left; Cardstock on the right of the Paper File  

Paper File that holds scraps of both Patterned Paper and Cardstock

Paper File that holds scraps of both Patterned Paper and Cardstock
My "THEMED" paper is also stored in Paper Holders or Paper Files (yeah, I should own stock in Cropper Hopper!)...I have Birthday and Christmas -- since I have ALOT of these, I have an entire Paper Holder for each.  Then I have Paper Files for Sports, Animals, Sympathy, Baby, Specialty Papers (like Vellum, Transparencies, etc) get the idea.  I also have a Paper Holder for each Season with 4 Paper Files in each (one for the season and one for each month) -- like for Winter, I'll have a Paper File for Winter, December, January, February...I'll keep paper with a winter theme in the Winter Paper File, December's Paper File will hold any holidays that happen in December (except Christmas since I have an abundance of that) like Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc, January will hold New Years Papers and February will hold Valentine's!  This makes it easy to find papers for a particular theme or holiday!  

I hope my tips are helping you with any storage or organizational issues you may solutions will not work for everyone, but hopefully it will get you thinking and help you find the best way for YOU!!  If there is something you need help with, please feel free to contact me and I will try to help you determine a solution that will work!

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THANKS and as always...

Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'!
Sarah Williams
Stampin’Up! ® Demonstrator

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